Stuck with Rico sleeve cast off (very stuck!)

I hope the above shows as a photo of my pattern.
I’m stuck because I have 20 stitches left on my needle, as I work towards finishing the shoulder. The ‘pattern’ referred to is just knit and purl stitches in a wide rib (so includes no decreases). The instruction confusing me is to ‘cast off 6 stitches in patt as follows: patt 2, patt2tog, patt 2, patt to end. 14 sts.’
Following these instructions doesn’t reduce the number of stitches to 20 as I read them. I can fudge it by doing more ‘patt2tog’s but if I’m missing something I’d rather know now than have trouble when I join the shoulder seam! Any help will be extremely gratefully received - tears of frustration are looming!!

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What is the name of your pattern?
The row works if you cast off these sts as you work them and if you add one more stitch into the cast off before the patt to end.
patt 2, lift the first stitch over the second and off the needle, patt2tog, lift the first over the second and off, patt 1, lift the first over the second and off, repeat the bind off twice more, patt to end. 14 sts.’


Thank you for your amazingly quick reply and help. I have followed what you said and it has worked :slight_smile: I really don’t think it was described clearly in the pattern though, I’m very grateful to you indeed.

The pattern is below, is this what you need? Thank you again for your help! Sally

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The photo’s perfect.
The pattern isn’t described very well at all. No wonder you were puzzled.