Stuck with my own pattern!

Help, pretty pretty please! I’ve designed a ladies batwing jumper pattern, and am halfway through knitting, but as it’s my first jumper, I’m having shoulder & neck issues! I’ve tried to adapt other patterns, and have made test runs, but realise NOW, I’m not as clued up as I’d hoped! :frowning:

There are 130 stitches on 3mm needles, tension is 26st x 36rows for a 10cm square.

Is there anyone out there patient enough to work out the numbers for shaping shoulders and neck back and front (so that I can pick up stitches around a hole big enough to get an adult head through, and turn it into a poloneck?)… in other words, to design my pattern for me where I’ve repeatedly failed!!

:muah: to anyone that tries! :notworthy:
Many thanks

You could go by measurement and translate that into stitches. Figure out how wide a neckline you need and how many sts that will take. You need it to be at least 20" around, possibly a couple inches more.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve been doing that and could wallpaper a room with scrawled-on graph paper! I’ve been putting the central base neck stitches on a holder, then knitting & shaping up each side to the shoulder tops, but this allows very little ‘give’ around the neck. So, I’m ending up with a neck hole that appears far too big to put a snug polo neck onto, or a too tight one. Is there another method of making a neckline where I could do a lose cast off around the entire neck?

Should I go back to knitting scarves?! :wink:

Yes, keep experimenting! It’s a great way to learn how things work. The only other thing I could suggest is a boat neck, which is wider and has no shaping, or you could do this top down where you cast on the neck and increase.

Keep going with this. You’ll get it to work. You’ve learned what makes the neck too tight so you know you’ll need to cast off more sts for the neck. As for too large, I often think the opening for the neck is too big on a sweater but picking up sts and knitting the collar pulls in the neck so that it fits well.

Lol, having done over 40,000 stitches on sleeves alone, I WILL keep going, but the men in white coats may come and get me if I don’t figure this neck soon! I had another attempt with scissors, tape, more graph paper and more youtubing, and believe the target is getting closer - even if it’s not quite in sight yet!

Having never tried the picking up and continuing to knit the neck (just writing them off saying ‘whoooah, way too big, back to the drawing board’), it hadn’t occurred to me that that might tighten it up, so thanks for that handy tip. I’ll give it a trial run to see if I can keep my sanity in tact!

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Yep, adding a picked up neckband, especially with smaller needles will make the neckline somewhat smaller.