Stuck with it

and it paid off! I had the hardest time with a new pattern. :knitting: Well, new to me. I’m working on a corset pullover pattern from Interweave knits that came out sometime in 2005? Anyway, I had been struggling for the past month to just get it started. I had a really difficult time understanding the pattern. Yesterday I was so determinded, I spent a few hrs. looking over the pattern and counting stitches and what not and…it finally worked for me. Once I got a hang out of these crazy directions, it was very nice going. VERY happy I cracked the code. It’s so much fun!

Did you ever have a pattern that you stuck with, through thick and thin and eventually you just got the hang of it??? SO worth it!!! I may not be the fastest to pick something up, but boy oh boy, I am persistant!!!

Way to go! Sounds like this is going to be a much loved finished object (when that day arrives–and with your persistence, it will).

I’m currently working on a project that has simple lace directions (maybe too simple?), but it’s been one step forward and three steps back for the entire project!! I was almost finished with the lace part of it, but then on the LAST lace row, I came up short on stitches. And my life line, was/is WAAAAAY back there! Urghhh! I haven’t ripped it back yet, but I will someday when the pain of taking out all those stitches isn’t quite so . . . well, painful!

At any rate, I’m thrilled to hear you’re finally over the comprehension hurdle and well on your way to success. Drop those needles for a second and pat yourself on the back!

Oh yes, and more than once. I just keep reading the same directions over and over, sometimes out loud, sometimes to the dog, until the lightbulb goes on. (The dog always agrees with my interpretation.)

:roflhard: they are very good that way!

For me, any pattern tends to need a lot of thought and trial and error. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sympathetic dog and eventually the light bulbs burn out here. :teehee: Yeah, sticking with it and getting it right is really satisfying though I’ve had more experience with crochet patterns in this regard and I think they can be a lot harder than the knitting patterns I’ve used. I look forward to seeing the FO!

OMG, the comment about the dog was so funny! I find myself talking to my two cats but they just walk away. Maybe next time I have a pattern problem I’ll borrow someones doggy. Woof!!! LOL