Stuck on wrist warmer thumb hole

So I just recently finished a complicated baby blanket that drove me crazy and took me 1.33 years to complete. It did turn out beautifully, and I felt like an expert knitter by the time it was completed.

So now I can’t believe that I’m having a problem making a simple wrist warmer tube with a hole in it. :doh:

I knit 7" in the round and now am stuck on the thumbhole part. It says:

[B]At the start of next round bind off first 3 sts and knit remaining stitches.
At the start of the next round cast on 3 sts and knit remaining stitches.[/B]

I tried looking at a knittinghelp video for cast on help, but the hole looks like a tight, knotty mess at the top, and the hole is too small (though I tried to cast on loosely). I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions or more detailed instructions?

Is this one of those wrist things where they just make a hole and don’t knit anything at all for a thumb? I’ve never done one of these, but I just tried a sample doing like your pattern said. I used a simple backward loop for the cast on and that seems to look okay. 6 stitches doesn’t seem like many for a thumb but could work depending on the weight of your yarn. If 3 doesn’t seem to be a big enough hole use more. Try 4 to start with and if that doesn’t seem like enough keep upping it until you get enough to accommodate your thumb.

Okay, I looked up how to do the backward loop. I will try it and try doing more stitches than the pattern calls for. Thanks for the help!

A knit cast on will work too. Place the needle with the sts and working yarn in your left hand, knit into the end st, but leave it on the needle and put the new st on it too. Repeat. Then switch the needle back to the R hand and finish the round. You’ll knit the new sts on the next round.