Stuck on this simple instruction

I am just starting Square 3 of this pattern and perhaps I’m complicating this instruction too much, but I don’t get the part about one garter stitch. If anyone can help, thank you! :hug:

Cast on 38 sts on needle size 5 mm / US 8 with Nepal. K 1 row from RS, K 1 row from WS, K 1 row RS and P 1 row from WS. [B]Now continue in M.3 with 1 garter st each side[/B] until square measures approx 1 cm / 3/8’’ less than square 1 (adjust to a half or full repeat). Now K 1 row from RS, K 1 row from WS, K 1 row RS and bind off from WS in K sts. [/COLOR]

Each row is 38 stitches, and the pattern is 8, so where are they talking about a garter stitch on each side?

Here is the pattern, M.3:


The first and last stitches on every row are knit which makes an edge of ‘one garter stitch’.

OK that makes sense, but the pattern has 8 stitches in it, and if I do that 4 times it makes 32 stitches. Plus the one garter each, is 34. What do I do with the other 4 stitches, there are 38 across each row.

That may be a typo, or just knit 2 sts each end of the row for the edge instead.

Hmm, that would still bring me to 36 only. So confusing!

Think of your pattern as a 4 stitch repeat and repeat it 9 times. That gives you 36sts plus 2 edge sts for 38sts. So you would knit 4, purl 4 and repeat accross ending with knit 4.

Wow, you’re smart. If only I could think logically, I would have come up with that too. Thank you!

Oh duh. I got hung up on the 8 repeats for 32 sts, and forgot that you can do the other 4 sts…

Sorry, but won’t this affect the pattern as I go left to right? If I’m only doing 4, I have to alter that for the next row, as the pattern starts with 8.

This is way to intricate, for what I thought would be the easiest square.

Row 1 looks like k4, p4, k4 … ending with k4. When you turn to work row 2 it should be p4, k4, p4… ending the even row with p4.

If you start the first set of 4 rows with a row 1: k4, p4, k4 …ending with k4 then the second set row 1 will just start with p4, k4, p4 …ending with p4. Just watch the stitches and let them tell you what you should be doing. You want a checkerboard pattern here and it will shift every 4 rows.

I GOT IT. Eureka. I do this everytime, make something way more complicated than it ever is. Thank you for being patient.

Great! We all over-think these things one time or another. I love that “aha!” moment.