Stuck on this pattern :(

Hi, new to this community and happy to have found it :slight_smile: I have been knitting about a year and am trying to make a baby blanket for someone. I am stuck on this part of the pattern: knitting pattern says" Row 19: K1, yo, p7, ssk, p9, k2tog, p7, yo, k1 Row 20: P2, k7, p11, k7,p2 Continue as for last two rows decreasing each side of leaf until there are 3 sts in leaf." This pattern forms four squares, each square has a leaf and when you join the leaves meet in the middle. I don’t know if I can add a photo here but if I can and someone tells me how, I will lol :D. Anyway, I have tried repeating these rows but the leaf does not get smaller. The repeat goes until Row 29 which reads as follows: "K1, yo, p12, s1, k2tog, psso, p12, yo, k1. I thought about not doing the yo’s but I think this would mess up the square shape maybe? And I also end up with bumps that the picture in my book does not have so I am thinking I need to alternate the purls and knits on rows 19 and 20. Anyway, if this doesn’t make a bit of sense I am sorry. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it :blush:

Can you post a pattern name and link please? What is the row previous to the one you posted… row 18 I guess? I’m not seeing decreases in what you’ve posted. I wouldn’t just not put in the YO because it will affect the pattern design.

Hi, thanks for your reply. The pattern is from a book called A Stitch in
Time: Heirloom Knitting Skills by Rita Taylor - - so I don’t have a link. I
will start with row 18:
Row 18: P2, k6, p13, k6, p2
Row 19:K1,yo,p7,ssk,p9,k2tog,p7,yo,k1
Row: 20: P2,k7,p11,k7,p2
Cont as last 2 rows, decreasing each side of leaf until there are 3 sts in

The decreases are the ssk and k2tog and they fall on each side of the leaf.
This is probably something obvious but I just can’t figure out why it isn’t
working right. The final block is a four leaf pattern. I will add photos
below :slight_smile:
The lovely one in the book above and mine below. Lol. Good grief, what mess
:slight_smile: The pattern doesn’t call for alternating the purls and knits either but
I think I need to to keep from getting the bumps?

This is the pattern if you can see it OK.

Hope I can figure this out. Is for a friend who has had a difficult time
getting pregnant and has had several miscarriages. She is finally having a
healthy pregnancy and I think she would love this blanket :slight_smile:

There’s a mistake in this pattern. The Ravelry page has the correction from one of the knitter.

Instead of purling every row of the leaf, the leaf should continue in stockinette.

Are there complete directions in this pattern or perhaps elsewhere in the book for the leaf pattern? Rather than repeat rows 18 and 19 precisely as written, you should be increasing the number of purl sts worked on each side of the leaf and decreasing the leaf pattern itself.
So row 19 is p7, dec, knit 9, dec, p7
row 21 is p8, dec, knit 7, dec, p8
row 23 is p9, dec, knit 5, dec, p9 and so on.

Oh, thanks so much! I never even thought to see if this would be available
online somewhere. Next time something like this happens, I will Google
first and ask questions later :slight_smile: