Stuck on the right corresponding mitten :(


I only ask here when my mum or youtube fails to find an answer. This is my first time knitting mittens, I’ve done lots fingerless mittens on 4 needles that had no left and right, this is also my first time doing any type of pattern design. (These are knitted using two normal needles not 4) So I’ve finished knitting the left mitten now it says ‘Keeping the pattern correct as set, continue working to correspond with left mitten’.
Its so I can have the pattern on the opposite side were the thumb is attached (as that is knitted entirely separate just sewn on after together with the seam)

I’ve attached picture of my knitting and the pattern. I need to start from ‘Shape Top’ but for the right mitten. The instructions are not given for the right mitten. I wonder if it means I work in reverse? how do I reverse: 1st row: (k1, sl1, k1, psso, k20 (k2 tog, k1)) twice. The 3rd row is more complex than that one.

Continue to work the pattern sts and the plain knitting as you have them set up.

1st row: (k1, sl1, k1, psso, k20 (k2 tog, k1)) twice.
The shaping seems to be symmetrical on either side of the K20, that is, the decreases slant /—/–\ which looks like it will follow the line of the mitten top.
How many sts do you have before the decrease row? The pattern and mitten look great!

I managed to work it out. its only the non-symmetrical rows (3rd, 7th, 11th rows) that are worked in reverse. eg. row 11 is in reverse k1, k2tog, k10 then start at the beginning of rows 11 instruction following as normal? Thats what I did anyway and it looks fine. They just need sewing up. I can send you a copy of the pattern if you want. :slight_smile:

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I’m happy that you got it to work. Because of copyrights, we can’t share patterns. Links or pattern names work however.
Enjoy finishing the gloves.

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even old patterns? This is 1970s I think, its the most modern one I have :smile:

Yup, better safe but many thanks for the offer.

You did a nice job on these! I like to do the simple beginner patterns once in a while for a break from more complicated stuff and it’s just fun. This mittens pattern is the simplest mitten pattern I’ve ever found. The thumbs are similar to your pattern. They are sewn on afterward. The only thing I did different is to knit them cuff up rather than sideways.