Stuck on the back of hoodie

UGH! I keep trying to picture what the heck I am doing here…but I just can’t. Can anyone explain?

shape neck Mark center 32 stitches. Woek to marker. Attach second ball of yarn and binc off center 32 stitches. Work to end of row. Working each side with separate ball of yarn, bind off each side of neck edge 3 stitches once. When work measures 24", place remaining 29 stitches each side on holders for shoulders.

Also…it doesn’t tell me if I need to be on th RS or WS when starting this work. oy.

What you are doing is creating a blocky U shape, where the dip is the neck and the “arms” of the U go to the shoulder seam.

So, you work across the number of stitches and add a new ball of the same yarn. Leave the origional ball of yarn untouched for a moment. Using the new yarn, bind off the number of stitches, and work the last stitches of the row.

So… you’ll have knit/bo/knit, with new feed yarn for each side where the stitches are left.

Then, using the apropriate yarn for each “arm” of the U shape, knit up the narrow strips.

The whole BO 3 thing is just telling you to widen the neck dip a bit at the apropriate part of the row. The only tricky part there is to make sure the work is turned to the right side for the next BO stitches. For instance, when you turn the work for the first arm of the U you made (right before you joined a new ball of yarn and BO the first time), you will be ready to BO 3 and knit to the end of that side.

As for rs or ws… dosn’t much matter as long as you’ve knit up the right # of inches. I’m working a pattern that had me finish a ws row and do the BO on the next rs row.

This technique allows you to simultaniously work the strips of fabric on either side of the neck dip.

Does that answer your question? I’m not sure what’s hanging you up, so I just rewrote the directions as clearly as I could…

I’ve got everything except the BO 3 part. Where do I do that, and on which row?

Um… Ok…

So you’ve knit across, bound off, and knit across, with two balls of yarn feeding into each side.

Let’s say, for example’s sake, you knit across (in stockinete), BO, and knit across.

The nexl row (purled) you would purl across all stitches on that first arm, then over to the next arm (this can all be worked on the same two needles you were first using, only there would be two sections on the working needles for each arm of the U shape). On the second “arm”, you would BO 3, then purl to end.

Turn. Knit across first arm (the one you just BO three on). On the next arm, BO 3, knit to end.

Purl all stitches on the next row on both arms, then knit all, etc until desired length.

If someone could double check me, that would be great but that should get you BO 3 at each side of neck (essentially widening the neck opening a little more). The staggered BO rows are to accomodate the BO stitches.

Again, I’d love a double check, but I think that’ll sort it out.

I will post a pic tomorrow (i have GOT to get to bed), but the way you just described worked out perfectly. (Big thanks to brightspot for the IM support :slight_smile: )

Finally! The back is done!