Stuck on the Arran Sweater Again

I am working my first Arran Sweater and I’ve gotten stuck yet again. The weird thing is, when it comes to the actual Celtic knot part, I can understand that, lol, but, this part below is what has me really confused. So the first two rows, I understand, I just wanted to post them [B]before[/B] the instructions that I don’t understand.

Row 1 (RS): p1, k3, p3, to last 4 sts, k3, p1
Row 2 (WS): k1, p3, k3, to last 4 sts, p3, k1
(cont. to 12th row)

I have it thus far, below are the ones that have my mind boggled:

Row 12 WS:
Rib 18, (M1, rib 2) twice, m1, rib 3, m1, rib 9, m1, rib3, m1, (rib 2, m1) twice, rib to end

I really appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks in advance!

You have a ribbing pattern established by that point, so on R 12, work the first 18 sts in the rib pattern, then (M1, 2 more sts in the rib pattern) twice, m1, 3 sts in rib pat, m1, 9sts in rib pat, m1… etc.