Stuck on straps

:?? ok… bear with me… I am very new at this but have gotten up to the straps on this shell top… now they say to divide for straps…

I have a total of 49 sts thus far… will divide 8 per side for straps… and the rest are the neck… I get that… but if I’m to work on just one strap at a time… do I divide the stitches on to holders??

never done this before so any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in Advance…

you’ve got a couple options as I see it:

1- (easy) Put the 2nd straps stitches on a holder, knit the 1st strap, then when you’re done – join the ball of yarn to the 2nd strap, and knit that one.

2- (harder) Knit both straps at once. Join the 2nd ball of yarn to the 2nd strap and knit it at the same time you knit the 1st strap.

so it looks kind of like this, you attach the 2nd ball of yarn where the **** is

|---VVVVVVVV-------------------VVVVVVVV---  (needle)
    VVVVVVVV                   VVVVVVVV
    VVVVVVVV                   VVVVVVVV **** 


just very confused as to how I work with only 8 of the 49 st’s and it says no where at that point what I’m to do with the remainder

all the patter states is to work with the 8 st’s to a length of 11" … cast off those st’s… then holder 33 sts to leave for neck band and join yarn to rem 8 sts and work same as other…

ok… but not sure how I join yarn… no where in this book or any that I’ve seen thus far… show me how to do that… I really would like to figure this out… I feel so silly, and helpless… getting to the point I want to knock on neighbours doors… and ask… ok… any knitter’s here??? HELP… :shock: lol

and this is just the start… of my grief… as the neck band looks 10x’s more complicated… and the pattern is called it’s so easy… YEah Right…!!! :rollseyes:

Lioness :blush:

ahhh ok I think I get what the pattern is asking you.

You’re definitely going to need to know how to join yarn, check out Amy’s video Joining yarn of the same color that should help to get you started.

So, going with my little example

“L” indicates what stitches you’ll put on your “live” needle

So you’ll knit 8 stitches (for the first strap) then slip the next 33 stitches onto a holder (that’s what the “H” is for) then attach a new ball of yarn and knit 8 more stiches.


Then continue in your pattern til it tells you to bind off your straps. You’ll knit the 1st strap with your original ball of yarn, and the 2nd strap with your new ball of yarn

|---VVVVVVVV-------------------VVVVVVVV---  (needle) 
    VVVVVVVV                   VVVVVVVV 
    VVVVVVVV                   VVVVVVVV  

When you start to do the neck, you’ll probably attach another ball of yarn and knit the stitches of the holder… but hopefully your instructions tell you the specifics of what you need to do. Don’t hesitate to post if you don’t quite get it though!

:happydance: thank you so very much :happydance:

this is what I thought… but you know… when your so “green” at this and you’ve invested Sooooo many hours in the project already… you just hate to muck up… :doh:

once again… thanx… :lol:

:crying: can’t find the joining video…


The joining video is under “Basic techniques…and More” about halfway down. Good luck!

The blue type in Jessica’s message above means that she posted the link for you. Just click your mouse on the type and it takes you to the page.

:?? thanx for everyones help… sorry I have to be so darn dence when it comes to all this… but please stick with me… please… sure I’ll get it soon… lol :doh:

I have watched “that video” joining yarn of same colour… but can’t see how it applies to adding a new Ball of Yarn to the second strap…

I understand what side of the work it would have to go… thanx Jessica
the part I don’t get… is how do I attach it to the stiches?? am I just daft … or is there somewhere that shows that step… cause I have looked all yesterday and today for info on how to do that… and I can’t find it any where… how does as person learn to knit more that just scarf’s with out being shown how to do stuff such as this… sorry if I sound grumbly… just getting very frustrated and some what discouraged…


so… maybe I should have watched the video before I recommended it :slight_smile:

There are a couple ways you can join new yarn:

1- if you’re about to run out of yarn and need to start a new ball — you can knit 3 stitches or so with the old and new yarn together (holding them together as if it were one piece of yarn) then just drop the old piece of yarn and continue to knit with the new – later you’ll weave in the end of the old yarn to make it disappear – however this may give you a few “thick” stitches – so it may not work too well if it will be in an obvioius place.
2- if you’re changing yarn at the beginning of a row (maybe changing to a new color – or perhaps your pattern tells you to join a new ball of yarn so you can make a strap (hint hint) All I do is simply hold the new piece of yarn behind the knitting and use it as if it were the old piece of yarn. The tension of the first few stitches will be pretty loose seeing as though there’s nothing “locking down” that first stitch – but never fear! just keep going. On the 3rd row, you can pick up the tail of the yarn and knit it into the work to give it a bit of tension – or you can wait til you’re done and just weave teh end in.

I took a coupe pictures, I’m not sure if they’ll help, but it may… yarn always attracts cats…

:cheering: I could just kiss you… LOL

thank you ever so much… didn’t think I’d ever find the answer/or understand it… :slight_smile:

your pictures were great… and when I had a cat… he was into everything I did…

Have a Great day… know you made mine…

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