Stuck on slippers

Hello, I have work the pattern to the point I’m now stuck.I worked row 14 which is k20(24-28),inc,k13,inc,k20(24-28) this is done.I confused here:for the last two sizes work as follows: Rows 15-16 knit across,15th(17th-17th)rows k35,(39-43)sts,turn etc.,my question is do I knit 15 rows and then k35 sts,turn and continue with the pattern?:knitting:

What pattern are you doing, is it viewable online so you could give us a link? Is that [I]exactly[/I] as it’s written in the pattern?

A pattern link or even a pattern name really is very helpful in figuring out some of these directions.
I’d say no, don’t knit another 15 rows. These directions are for row 14 (inc row), rows 15 [U]& 16[/U] (knit rows) and for the 2 larger sizes, row 17 (turn row).

I found the pattern at: free
name of pattern:garter stitch slippers (they have pom-pom on them)

Hi, and thanks,
I found the pattern on :free vintageknitting .com
name of pattern: garter stitch slippers(they have pom-pom’s) on them

There are a lot of slipper patterns come up when I search garter stitch slippers at that site. If you could copy the address of the page and paste it in the Message box that would help.