Stuck on sleeves for Rowan Pilot

Hi, help needed please. i am very confused by the sleeve increases in this pattern. I am on 36 stitches and the pattern is “work in st st, shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of 5th and 1 foll 6th rows then on 8 foll 8th rows (56 sts)”. There is no indication of the number of rows needed other than from the tension suggesting about 70 rows. Do i increase by 1 each end on row 5, 11 then at 8 from end on every 8th row after or something different? Thanks

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Increase at each end of rows 5 and 11 and then at each end of rows 19,27,35,43,51,59,67 and 85 (that’s every 8th row x8).