Stuck on section of pattern titled 'shaping back of head'

Hi my names Marie i started knitging about three/four years ago and am getting better with each pattern i try but this section has me really confused. 'm working on a toy and am at the section where it says shape the back of the head. Please note pattern started at the nose.

I have 45 stitches on my needle at this part of the pattern.

My question is two fold

  1. When it says sl1, p to last 2, turn
    Then sl1, k to last 4sts
    Then sl1, p to last 4sts
    Then it says cont in this way working 2 less on every row ‘sl1, p to last 16 sts’, turn has been worked

Please help how does slipping 1 stich reduce 2 on each row. Am i suppose to slip the slipped stitch over the next k/p one. And where does the second stitch each row get reduced/slipped decreased.

Bit baffled

  1. Then the next part says

Sl1, k to last 2sts, inc 1 in next st, k1, 46 sts

Utterly confused here how many stitches would i have left on previous section to now have 46 stitches on this i end previous section with 16 sts total. And if so how do i get to 46 from 16 sts in one row??

Please could anyome guide me through what this means. Its a toy from my childhood and would love to be able to get this section finished.

Kind regards
And in advance thanks for any help getting me theough this confusing set of instructions.


Welcome to the forum!
The first part of the pattern is working partial rows. There aren’t any decreases here, no passing slipped stitch over. Work across to the last 2sts and turn. On the next two rows, work across to the last 4sts before turning. Then work across to the last 6sts on the next two rows. In each pair of rows you’re working 2 fewer sts but not changing the overall stitch count.

Since there are no decreases in the first section you still have 45 sts to start the second part. The increase in the next stitch makes 46sts total.

What is the name of your pattern?

Wow, thanks so much for this. Sounds simple now. Dough. So am i right in thinking i will have sixteen sts on one needle for the last turn before the increase row.

Its a bit hard to follow without the st count at the end of each instruction on a lot of patterns. It helps work out backward when instruction seem a bit vage.

I’m working on one of my favourite characters from a childhood show. It’s a Clanger

I am also most of the way through the soup dragon. He just needs his scales adding.

Here’s what he looks like so far.

I’ll post clanger once finished.

Thanks so much for the clarification. X

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