Stuck on pattern


I’m knitting a sleeve on a cardigan for a two year old. The pattern says “work in g stitch shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of 7th and 2 foll 8th rows, then on 0 foll 12th row. “ So I increase on row seven. Do I increase again on row 8 and row 16? Then do I knit another twelve rows even though there is no increase at 12th row (for the sisize I’m knitting - a larger size has an increase following 12th row) Then it says work five rows ending with a WS row (I get that!). Help!

I tried to upload a pic of the pattern but I don’t think it worked.


You know that always confuses me, too. @salmonmac will know


Hi, you increase on the 7th row , work another 7 rows and increase on the following row(8th), work another 7rows and increase on the following row again. You don’t knit the next 12 rows for the first size that instruction is for the larger size, as soon as you have 39 [43,43…]sts on your needles you continue on to the next instruction. Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting :grinning:

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