Stuck on pattern

Please could someone help me figure out this pattern . So the pattern is for a baby cocoon sack I have completed the top and body I am now on the tow part however the pattern has thrown me could someone break it down for me so it’s easier to complete! I don’t even know how to start row one of the toe Images attached

When the pattern says to “work in established pattern” it means to knit the stitches that look like Vs and purl the sts that look like bumps or little collars. You want to maintain the columns of knits or purls as best you can.
Knit or purl the sts as you have been doing on previous rows, then k2tog after the given number of sts. You may be working 2 knit sts together or 2 purl sts or even a knit and a purl together.
On the next row (the inner side of the cocoon) again work the sts as you see them knitting the Vs and purling the bumps. Purl the stitch made from the k2tog.