Stuck on pattern, please help!

Hi all,

I was gifted a knitting set over the holidays and am currently working on a shawl. Being a beginning knitter, I’m afraid even with line by line directions, I’m still a bit stuck. That said, boy was I glad to have found this site!

The pattern instructed a garter section that ends with 73 stitches, divided into:
3sts edge, 32sts section, 3sts center, 32sts section, 3sts edge, separated by markers.

The next section is where my woes begin. The pattern reads:

Row 1: sl.1, k2, sm, k1, yo, k7, (yo, k2tog, k6) 3 times, yo, sm, k1, p1, k1, sm, yo, k7, (yo, k2tog, k6) 3 times, yo, k1, sm, k3.

I counted 37 sts needed to complete the section between the edge and center markers, the k1, yo, k7, (yo, k2tog, k6) part, but the garter section as indicated on the pattern up to this step only has 32 sts. What am I missing or am I simply misreading the pattern?

Can u give us the name of the pattern and/or a link to it?? Just so we get an idea of what it’s supposed to look like.


When I read it, it looks like only 32 stars are needed in that section. The yarn overs don’t use a stitch when you are counting how many will be used.


Thanks for your reply, Knitcindy. For a YO, wouldn’t you have to work one stitch after placing the yarn in the front? Why would the worked stitch not be counted?


The garter section I was referring to is the center of the piece. I’m basically at the beginning of working the ten eyelet columns and am completely stumped.

No, you don’t count the next stitch as part of the yarn over. A YO is just the yarn over.

Ah…so that’s what it is. I kept counting the stitch worked after the yarn as part of the YO process. It makes tot al sense now. Thank you all for your help!

Could you please provide the name or link to the pattern? It is beautiful and I would like to try my hand at it.

The pattern was gifted to me by a friend who purchased the kit off Craftsy. The name of the pattern is called “Dappled Sunlight Shawl”. Crafty’s currently running a sale that may apply to the kit. The coupon code is SPRINGKITS. Good luck!

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Thank you so much San920