Stuck on pattern instructions

I love this site and received great help with patterns in the past. I am stuck again but forgot how to post question so I will ask it here and hope I not doing anything wrong. I have started a jacket pattern that has a setup row and I do understand not to repeat the setup row. The next row is a chart pattern and I understand the chart and after first part of chart pattern says k2, then more chart then k2, etc. Then pattern says continue in patt as set, working charts as established and working all other sts in reverse stockinette st until work measures etc. Does that mean on the k2 part would I purl 2 the next row of chart instead of k? Hope this makes sense. Thank you, Also at beginning of pattern row there is knit 12 and the end k12. On the next row would I p12 at beginning and ending? Again Thank you

If on that first row it says to K2 (and 12) I guess that is the WS of the piece since they want you to have reverse stockinette on the RS. So, you are right, you would purl where it had said to knit. You will want the purl side on the RS, if you get an few rows into it and it seems you have the knits on the outside then you made a mistake somewhere, but your understanding is right. It should work out with the purls on the RS if you do it like you said.