Stuck on pattern directions!

Hi there!

I’m knitting my first jumper - unfortunately I can’t post the link for some reason.

I have finished the back and I am nearly finished the front, though I am stuck at the shoulders…specifically at this point:

  1. Working all in St st, bind off 10 sts beg of next 3 right side rows.

  2. With right side facing, leave center 19 sts on a holder, join yarn to rem sts and work in pat to end. Complete to correspond to first side, reversing shapings.

  • I completed step one and was left right side, with 14 stitches on the needle. What I am unsure of is if step 2 is referring to the same shoulder? To which 19 stitches is it referring?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
You can probably post a link now. What is the name of your pattern?
In case it’s a purchased pattern, how many sts did you start with before step 1? Step 2 should be for the second shoulder with the center 19sts on a holder for the neckband.