Stuck on pattern crochet cardigan

If I’m doing the last sc into the top of the ch3 from the previous row it never reaches the end of the row fully so the side of the cardigan gradually slants instead of going straight up. Are the instructions incorrect?

Maybe @OffJumpsJack @Snowfleas or @okckwilter can offer some advice, please.

Have you followed the instructions and actually worked it? Does the work slant? The instructions are asking you to work a dc into a sc and then a sc into a dc. This sounds like a moss stitch. The chain 3 that starts a row counts as a dc so a sc should be worked into the top of it at the end of the next row.
I don’t know if this has been of any help, but I hope it works out for you.
Good luck;


Thank you! Am sorted now. I was missing a stitch before the chain! Counting up solved it!

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You are welcome. I am glad to hear that it is working out for you. Getting stuck in a pattern can be very frustrating. I hope everything runs smoothly for the rest of the project.