Stuck on pattern Cozy Booties in Worsted Weight

Hi, I’ve recently started to learn to knit and having conquered dish clothes looked for a next step pattern. I landed on the above and chose it because I had the needle size and it was marked as ‘Beginners’. Having successfully knitted the first four stages I an completely stuck. I have knitted the sides and tie shaping, sides and toes and top of foot of my first bootie. This section of the pattern ends with cutting the yarn. The next section is Cuff and begins with slipping 12 stitches purl wise from the right to the left needle which I have done leaving 21 stitches on the right needle. The next instruction is Now we will start knitting in the round using Magic Loop method. Attach your 4mm to a 37” cable. Join yarn. Row 1 K10 m1L, K23 (all stitches are now on the new needle and cable…

Can anyone explain how I can get from having 12 stitches on the left needle to limiting a row of 33? Any help much appreciated as I’m truly stuck. Thank you for reading this. Tracey

Hello Chadders , welcome to the forum. I usually knit in the round on douple point needles but the theory should be the same. I believe the first 12 sts you slipped should become the last 12 sts on row 1. Therefore, the 21 sts on the right needle should be K10, M1L, K11 then K the 12 slipped sts to become K23. I hope this works.


Fortunately @flknit5 has answered your question.
I only wanted to add that I think your resulting row is 34, not 33, because of the make 1. Just mentioning in case you got confused later thinking it was 33.

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