Stuck on my Sirdar Tank top

Ok so I have almost finished the front of the tank top, I have finished the back and it measures 22cm which is what is recommended.

I have come to a part on the front where I am doing the shoulders. It says:

Cont in double moss-st patt until armhole measures 12 cm ending with a ws row.

Now this is where I am stuck. Take a look at the picture here

Now the front is on the left but I don’t know how long it should be. Should the front and back be the same size, or would the front be bigger than the back?

It says the armhole is 12cm but I do not know here the armhole starts.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the pattern? Are the stitches on the holder for the neck? It seems awfully wide in comparison to the width of the entire piece.

The armhole for the front should match the back, where you BO a few stitches and then decrease on the same edge. Were you to put the sts on the holder for the neck, then finish the row, turn and BO on that edge? Something doesn’t look right, so a link to the pattern, or a picture of it could help clear that up.

Usually the front and back are the same length from the beginning of the armnole shaping. The directions for the back should also tell you to stop at 12cm from the beginning of the armhole. You measure the armhole from the first bind off of however many sts (maybe 4 or 5). Just start to measure from about the row that first bind off occurred in and go up to the needle. Did you forget to bind off for the front armholes?
Looking good in very pretty yarn!

oooh I hope I haven’t done it wrong, I have followed exactly as it says. Probably just got confused.

This is the pattern I am doing

I am doing a 0-6 month baby tank top as I thought it should be the easiest to start. I knew I would do something wrong :frowning:

I am not sure how to show the pattern… scanning in will probably get me into trouble?

I was told that the back is to be 10cm and then it tells me to do a couple of rows etc and then it tells me to measure the arm holes until 12cm… when I started the front, it told me to make it 12cm and then do a few rows, then it told me to put 20 on a stitch holder and just carry on with the 19 for now… now it’s telling me to make the armhole up to 12cm. Im just so stuck :frowning:

Well, a couple rows is only about 2cm, so that sounds right. Looking at the back piece, you bound off at the sides, then did decs to make the armholes. For the front you would usually do the same thing. The 20 sts are the other shoulder and the bottom of the V and it looks like you did the decs for the neck. But maybe you skipped over the Armhole Shaping section?

It’s okay to copy a few rows of the pattern into a post, then we can see how it actually reads in case you missed something or are interpreting the pattern incorrectly. What does it say for the whole Front?

Thank you so much. I will take a picture of front for you to have a look at. Just waiting for the battery to charge on my camera.

Check and see if there’s a section of the pattern for armhole shaping for the back (which it look like you did) and then also a section for armhole shaping for the front. Usually those two sections are the same or very similar. This is very correctable by taking out some rows, so don’t be too concerned.

Ok so here it is…

This is the Front and it says to follow the back until ***

So here is the pattern to the back until *** (which is on the second picture)

Okay, the “Work as given for Back until ***” is right up to the armhole shaping. After the Divide for Neck, does it say anything about ‘At the Same Time’ later on? Since it mentions to work the front armhole to a certain length, it’s got to be in there somewhere.

Ohhhh I think you are on to something here… let me take a pcture of it and perhaps you can tell me if I am right… hold on!!

In this picture is another ***, was I meant to work from there until shaping shoulders?

Ahhh yes, I think that might be it. That way you’d cover the underam BO and the decs along the armhole.

Well you only have to take out that shoulder until the row where half the sts are on the holder anyway. Only rip out to the end of that row, then do the cast off at the beginning of the next one.

It is all my fault but I wish there was a tiny note after the first *** saying please go on to the next ***

So just to clarify, I need to start from shape armholes to the ***?

Sorry about this, it must be very annoying for the experts!!!

No problem, that’s what we’re here for. It may have meant to repeat what’s [I]between[/I] the ***s.

Yes, I think there’s some confusion in the pattern too. There do seem to be one too many ***. It’s difficult for all of us when we come to a mistake or an ambiguity in a pattern and Sirdar isn’t always as straightforward as you might wish. You’re doing well and even ripping back is good experience (or so I tell myself).

If you don’t mind me asking, is there a company that does easy patterns? or easier to understand? I have only come across sirdar and I want to know of others too.

Usually patterns from the large yarn companies are good but every now and then you come across errors or just plain confusing directions. Patterns that lots of people have used before tend to have the mistakes and fuzzy directions corrected. With experience you become better at spotting these but, we all get caught once in a while. Berocco, Bernat, Tahki, Knit Picks are popular sources. Patterns on Ravelry also have comments and evaluations of patterns and that can be helpful too.

Thank you! That is really helpful… After I finish this tank top… I am hoping to do a cardigan for my grandmother. I just hope I find an easy one lol