Stuck on Mini Christmas Stocking

Hello all,

I’m new here and still quite new to knitting. I’m really excited about this project - I’m making mini stockings for each place setting at our Christmas table to hold cutlery. It will be so cute if I can figure this out!

(I can’t post a link in my first post, so I will reply with the link in a moment…)

Here’s the patten Im struggling with:

I’m stuck on the foot shaping (row 1). I get that I have to cut the yarn in the previous step, and I get I have to “join red”, but I don’t know how to get beyond that. Where am I joining? I have 7 stitches on the right needle and 13 on the left, so I can’t just start knitting at the " base" (bottom?) since the 7 stitches are in the way. Am I supposed to transfer all the stitches over to the left needle before continuing? I am quite confused! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!

This stocking is very similar to the baby booties in the video:

The number of sts is different but the idea is the same. At the 5min:40sec point, there are sts on the left needle from the original top and from the instep. On the right needle are some of the top sts (similar to your 7sts). The video shows where to start the new strand and pick up sts along the side of the instep.

Thank you so much, Salmonmac! That’s so much clearer. I was adding stitches instead of picking them up, but now I get it. I think I can actually do this now! I really appreciate your guidance.