Stuck on Knitted Babes' dress

Hi All,

I’m a brand new knitter only learned a few months ago. I seen the book Knitted Babes and got inspired to start on this project. It’s for beginners so I thought I could handle it. The doll body, hair and even the undie are made. Now I’m making the slip-on dress for her. If anyone has this book it’s on page 48. I got to this part and couldn’t figure it out.

I’m using two color yarns like the pattern calls out for.

Shape back waist: Bind off 2 sts, K to last 2 sts, bind off 2 sts (15 sts).
"Now I have yarn on each end. I think I got this row figured out but it’s the next row I couldn’t and here it is:"
Rejoin yarn to center of rem 15 sts. "I totally don’t know what this means"
K 10 rows in stripe patt.

Left strap: K4, bind off 7 sts, K to end.
Cont on last 4 sts, K 12 rows.

This project has been stopped for a month because I couldn’t find help.
I’m hoping someone here could help me with this. I would really appreciate it so then I could go on with the rest of the doll clothes.


I’d like to help, but I don’t understand how you have yarn at both ends after shaping the back waist.

I’m pretty sure when you do the straps you’re supposed to knit the first strap on 4 stitches, connect a second ball and bind off the middle stitches (7) and then knit the last 4. Then you work each strap with its own strand of yarn.

Thank you for trying to help.

I have yarn on both ends because I’m using two color yarns. When I (Bind off 2 sts, K to last 2 sts, bind off 2 sts (15 (sts)). This is where I end up with one color yarn on one end and the other color yarn on the other end. My question is how do I (Rejoin yarn to center of rem 15 sts.)? If I can get pass this point, I think I could do the rest.

Here’s the problem. You should have bound off two stitches at the beginning of one row and then finished that row. Then bound off two stitches at the beginning of the next row and finished that row. You really aren’t supposed to bind off at the end of a row because there’s a gap between the stitches and that last loop you have on your needle.

If you do it this way, you’ll have both yarns where they belong.

I did as you suggested. Bind off 2 sts at end of each row. Now I do have both color yarn at one end. Do I cut off the yarns to (Rejoin yarn to center of rem 15 sts. K 10 rows in stripe patt.) I don’t know how to rejoin yarn to center and center of 15 sts is uneven 7 & 8 sts at each side.

It’s hard to say without seeing what it looks like.

This is how it reads to me–Since there are 4 stitches on each side for a strap, the center of the 15 stitches are the seven stitches in the middle. It looks like you cut the yarn and knit these 7 stitches for 10 rows, then work the straps. Does that make any sense compared to how the pattern looks? Can you post a picture?


I think it finally click. I understand it better now. I worked on it all day yesterday. But I have to ripped the old out to do it over with a larger size needle so that it would fit the doll.

I will post a picture once I have the doll cover up with the dress I’ve been struggled with.

Thanks so very much for your patience. I believe the pattern leaves out a few minor details that I would have needed to understand it, for a beginner anyway.

Now, I need to find out how to post a picture on this forum. Any links to that “how-to?”

~ Quik

In order to post a picture, you need to have it loaded on your computer, sized smaller than 500 x 500 pixels (I just use a ‘best for web’ sizing from my Kodak program.) I’m afraid I’m not a techno expert. :wink:

If you look below the box in which you post a reply, there is a place to browse for pictures and an add attachment button. This will load your picture. After you add the attachment, click on the preview button to see how it will look and to make sure it’s not too big. If it’s really to big, you will get an error message.

If you want to add more than one picture, another browse box will appear after the first attachment is loaded.

Hi Ingrid,

I finally got the doll together to show her with the dress on. This was my very first project as knitter. It was really fun making her and all those different stitches. I have to ask several people along the way for help. And Ingrid, you’ve been a great help.

Thank you so much for all your help.

This is a great web site, I’m so glad that I came here for help. I have read many topics on this site, you all are a bunch of wonderful and knowledgeable knitters.

~ Quik

:smiley: She’s wonderful!!! Congratulations!

That’s your FIRST project?


:heart: :thumbsup: :cheering:

Keep it up.

OMG I am soooo in love with that doll !!! I really wanna buy the book but the cheapest I could find it was $9.00 with $3 shipping. Is it worth it?? I love making dollies lol… you guys know that hehe and dressing them up… :blush: ok you guys know that too lol. Should I give into temptation and buy the book??? Hmmmmm my birthday is coming up lol. Me want a devil duck and the knitted babes book :cheering: . Ok someone go tell my hubby hehe.

You could always “preview” at the library and see if it really floats your boat, in the meantime sock away the spare change.

Lol ! Living in Alabama doesn’t have many advantages. I already looked and dang it my library doesn’t have it :doh: . So, I think I am gonna end stealing the couch coushin and washing machine money muhahaha until I have enough. I thought it would be cute to make a couple that looked like my family to give as gifts for Christmas.

Hi Everyone,

Finally, I’m back. I’m still knitting just not very fast.

Spooky: $12 for the book is good price. I think I paid $13 or so for mine. Don’t postpone pleasure, get it and enjoy it NOW.

I still love my knitted babe, Jasmine and making another outfit for her. I just have too many projects going on and it’s just not knitting either.

I felt in love the Knitted Babes instantly when a friend shown me the book and I just had to make one even though I didn’t know how to cast on the first stitch. Now I’m just enjoying it so much.

I’m working on a Booga Bag which to be felted when finished. We’ll see how’s that going to turn out. Also knitting an Einstein Coat for my Mom, hopfully by winter.

Okay, that’s it for now my friends.
I wish you all well,
~ Quik