Stuck on JB022

Knitting a new to me pattern and am stuck. It says 1st to 10th rows form the pattern. Work 4 rows, m1 st as before in next and foll alt row. Does that mean l start at row 1 again, or just where it says m1 st in rows 3 and 4? Please help!

What is the name or number of the pattern?

You will keep doing the 10 rows which form the pattern, don’t go back to row 1 again, but increase with the m1 in the same way it was done before. For instance if the increase came as the second stitch of the row then it means to do it there, in the same way, but not to repeat that full row of pattern.
It’s an increase row, then a pattern row as set and then another increase row (foll alt). All the while working the correct 10 row pattern.

Hope this helps, if not please do ask again for more help.

The pattern is JB022, totally confused

I’m not surprised you’re confused.

I am pretty sure that the M1s in the rows 1 to 10 are not continued after row 10 unless they fall on a row which is detailed as needing a M1. The pattern set is described as stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch, cable and garter, none of these stitch patterns contain a m1 increase (eg the way lace might) so all the M1 are for size increasing rather than pattern.
Work the set pattern of those 10 rows but only putting in M1 on the given rows. When youmout in an M1 it is positioned in the stocking stitch.

It’s a pretty confusing pattern.
There are lots of people here more experienced than me so there will be more help for you.

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There are M1 stitches throughout the first 10 rows as given but once you’ve worked the first 10 rows, ignore those M1 instructions. After the first 10 rows you’ll only increase in the rows given in the 3rd column of the page you posted just as Creations posted. The increases are always going to be in the stockinette section before the cable sts and the 2sts on either side of the cable.

If your last row is row 10 of the pattern then the next row with an increase is row 11 and then row 13 followed by increases on rows 15, 19 and 23. That’ll take you from 46sts to 51sts.

The math for row number doesn’t work out perfectly but that seems to be the intent of the increase rows. The next 24 rows have increases as well but the “every x number of rows” is continued on the next page.

It’ll help to make a table on paper or in a spreadsheet with a column for the pattern repeat 1-10 and a column for the row numbers with the increases. That way you can check off the increases as you work them.


Thank you, yes it is confusing, l always seem to pick patterns like this and then give up.

Thank you, l will get pen and paper out and work it out, l may be back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can do this. We’ll all help as much as we can.


No need to give up.
Just keep asking until you understand.