Stuck on heel

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying my hand at knitting socks and I am having some difficulty in understanding the instructions;

The # of stitches is 48, where I placed 12, 24, 12 on 3 needles as instructed…the heel flap is where I’m stuck. It says to work across the first needle and turn. It then says to work back and forth on the sts on the two needles with fewer stitches (combining the stitches on one needle if I am comfortable with it) and turning the work each row.

I am confused as to how many stitches I’m actually to be working with.

It sounds like you’ll be combining the two needles (#1 and #3) of 12 for a count of 24. The other needle (#2) with the 24 stitches will be at rest while you work the flap. The stitches at rest are the top of the foot, the combined two needles of twelve are for the heel and sole stitches. You’ll rejoin them and work in the round later after you’ve finished the flap and heel turn.

I just learned how to knit socks last month.

So what you want to do is work with 24 stitches to go back and forth with. Then you will leave the other two needles hanging. Or if you choose you can combine those stitches onto one needle, but leave those other 24 stitches or 12 and 12 alone for now, you won’t need them just yet. Work back and forth on 24 stitches. Hope this makes sense to you. After you turn the heel, you will have to pick up stitches and then finally join back in the round to complete the sock.

Thanks for the help :smiley: I’m almost done the first sock :slight_smile: