Stuck on going from knit to purl

I’m knitting my very first scarf, and the instructions say;

k2, p1, k3 and so on (on the first row after the casting on)

i did the k2 and the p1 just fine, but when i go to do the next 3 knits the thread is on the wrong side and i don’t know how to fix it.

Just take the yarn back through the needles, do not wrap it around the needle, just bring the yarn through like you are changing from knit to purl.

When you switch from knit to purl, you need to bring the yarn to the front between the needles before you purl. After a purl, you need to bring the yarn between the needles to the back.

So k, bring the needle to the front, purl, bring the needle to the back, knit, etc.

i just did my row and theres random bumps… is that supposed to happen?

ughhhh it looks awful :frowning:

ughhh i might just start over.

The random bumps are the purls. When you look at the stitches, the V’s are the knits as they face you, and the bumps are the purls as they face you.

The back of a knit is a purl, and vice versa, so when you look at the back, it will look opposite.

Give it a few rows. Ribbing takes a little while to start to actually look nice, so don’t give up too soon. Make sure of your stitch count, and you should be fine.

you mean the vs that look all threaded hanging off the needle?

i dunno, they looked uneven and all… ugly lol so i started over and i’m going to try one more time. i’ll take a picture after this row if it turns out that way again.

okay, i have some pictures. it did the same thing again;

Hiya Hheart,
Question here hun, are you taking the working yarn BETWEEN the needles each time you have to change from a knit to a purl or vice versa? When you knit a stitch, the yarn needs to be back of the needles. When purling, the yarn needs to be in front.
To change which side the working yarn (the yarn from the ball) is on, you bring the yarn BETWEEN the needles, not OVER. So like this… k, k, k, bring yarn between the needles to the front, p, take yarn back between the needles to the back, k, k, k,. etc.
Hope that helps ya hun.

Yep, looks like you put the yarn over the top of the needles to move it front and back instead of between the needle tips. Look on the Tips page under Basic Stitches for the video on Ribbing. That should show you how to move the yarn, even if the rib pattern is different than the one you’re doing.

okay so i watched that ribbing video, and it makes sense. i was lifting the needle to get the thread to the back or front, i’ll try that :slight_smile:

(i’m normally a sewer, so this is all soo new to me!)