Stuck on Gloves (AKA Trouble with Tulips)

Pattern for reference:

So I started this glove pattern on two needles, and it has been so far, so good, considering this is my first pair of gloves.

However, I am stuck on row six in the pattern where the tulip pattern is shaped, where it says to add four stitches, pick up and purl a dropped stitch, and add more stitches to the slipped loop before finally slipping it off. Any way I do the row, a gaping split is left where made stitches were dropped. I have tried knitting the rows afterward to see what it looks like, and the pattern panel does not look like it should.Tired of unraveling the gloves back to the ribbing, as I have already done that once after my first messup, I have tried all possible interpretations on a test tulip with bigger yarn and needles, yielding no results.

Is there something special I need to do with the slipped stitch as I do the p.1, k.1 part? Also, when I pick up the dropped stitch, does the pattern want the needle to pick up from between the 1st and 2nd from the bottom or top? Additionally, do I pick the stitch up from behind the
side facing me (wrong side), or do I pick up the stitch right on the wrong side?

I hope I was clear enough with my questions. I will add photos when I can.

Edit: Photo of real glove in-the-making on right and wrong sides and test tulip on ws, all of them stuck on their respective trouble stitches.

When you say slipped stitch, do you mean the m.1 from the previous row? (It would be called a yarn over in a pattern today.) That loop stays on the left hand needle until the very end of the directions:

  • k. 3, p. 1; (p. 1, k. 1, p. 1, k. 1,) all into the made st. of previous row but do not sl. the st. off left hand needle, bring wool to front, pass the right hand needle under work and up between the 1st and 2nd dropped sts. pass wool around needle as to purl and draw through on to right hand needle, now place the st. so made on to left hand needle and p. it, k. 1 into loop and leave loop on left hand needle, then (p. 1, k. 1, p. 1, k. 1,) all into the same loop and sl. loop off needle, p. 1, k. 3, *

You are going to pick up from between the 1st and 2nd dropped sts from the bottom. Pick up from the side facing you (the WS). The right needle will go behind the knitting and poke through to the side facing you. Draw the yarn through to the RS and up to the left needle. That way the long loop that you pick up will show on the front side (RS). Keep that long loop fairly loose so that it doesn’t gather up the rows in between very tightly.

(Since you’ve made a test swatch, you might try doing k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 instead of alternating k1, p1 etc. It’s not as bulky that way. See if it makes things easier and if not, use the k1, p1 directions.)

What really seems wrong is how the added stitches appear to be broken off from the rest of the knitting as it can be seen in the photo of the swatch of pattern rows 1-8. Are the gaps an inevitability? When the looped stitch is pulled up from the rs, there is an unpleasant gap. I am suspecting it may be less noticeable on the smaller yarn, as opposed the gaping gaps on the worsted swatch.

Not that it looks any different for either way I do it, buy am I to pull up from dropped yarn over 3 or 4 as I pick up from between the dropped stitches (the diagram photo will be added shortly)?

Hopefully I can tackle this row and complete the gloves. Thank you so much for the help!

Edit: diagram:

I do think that the openings are emphasized in the worsted weight yarn. I tried with a DK and the gaps are indeed there.
I picked up the loop between dropped bars 1&2 so that I trapped bars 2,3&4 (3 bars)inside the loop. Your photo looks right.