Stuck on first knitted jumper please help

I am knitting kangaroo pouch sweater on love knitting. I have knitted the back and am now on the front but have got stuck at the pouch part. The pattern states(shortened version); cast on 81 sts, st st 22rows, k16, leave on st holder, k45, put remaining 18 sts on st holder. Continue in st st decrease at each edge next rs row then every filling 4th row 5 times. Work till 54 rows put remains 33 sts on st holder. I have worked

Sorry I thought I wrote more. I have followed the pattern and am now at 44 rows having decreased I have 33 sts left. Problem; I am have 33 sts left and am on row 44 but the pattern says to work to 54 rows, am I meant to just carry on in st st and not decrease any more( I think the pouch has would look odd) or redo what I have done different.

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Work till 54 rows, then slip the sts to a holder. The pattern doesn’t want you to stop at 33sts. It’s just telling you that you’ll have 33sts to slip to a holder.
Please delete the pattern scans. We can’t reprint large portions of patterns here due to copyrights. Your description is perfect along with the name of the sweater. Thanks.

Hello thank you for your reply. How do I delete the pictures ? Do you mean I just carry on knitting till I get to the right amount of rows just stop decreasing?

Yes, keep knitting without making any decreases (knit even) until the given number of rows. It’s going to be a very cute sweater.
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Thank you so much I’ve been stuck on it for about a month no one else seamed to know what to do x

I’m glad you’re on your way with the sweater. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.