Stuck on fingers for glove sirdar pattern 9436

After the first finger the instructions for the second finger are “with RS facing, rejoin yarn as pick up and knit 2 stitches from base of first finger, k5, turn” I’ve tried picking up and knitting 2 stitches (ie creating 2 stitches) from base of first finger then knitting 5, then turning. However the next instruction was P12 so this can’t be right as I only have 7 stitches to purl before meeting the finger in the middle of the work. Any


Hi and welcome!
Usually whether the hand is worked flat or in the round, sts are held for the other fingers while the first one is worked. Then you work down through the other fingers.
After you pick up 2sts and k5, turn and purl back on the 7sts and then purl 5sts additional from the other side of the held sts. That’ll give you the 12sts.

Thankyou so much that’s done the trick! Couldn’t get my head round it at all