Stuck on directions-please help

Hi there, I am new to knitting help. So excited. Love this site. Anywho,… here’s my question:

I currently have 81 stitches on my needle. The next directions that i’m unsure how i go about to obtain the necessary 61 stitches are as follows:

DEC ROW K1, [k2tog, yf, skpo] 20(22:24:26) times. 61(67:73:79) sts. Cont straight until back measures 10 1/4 (11 3/4: 14 1/2: 16 1/2) in from cast-on edge, ending with a p row.

note: Pattern sizes are 3-6mon, 9-12mon, 12-18mon, 18-24 mon. I am using 3-6 month pattern.

Thanks for everyone’s input in advance… it kills me to have to stop this pattern, i just can’t seem to figure out how i go from 81 to 61 sts. with the directions…

You are going to knit a decrease row:

DEC ROW K1, [k2tog, yf, skpo] 20(22:24:26) times

in which the k2tog will decrease one stitch and you will repeat that pattern over your row 20 times. That will bring you from 81 sts to 61.

What you are doing in that row is knitting 2 stitches together, making a yarn over, then you are slipping one stitch from your left needle to your right purlwise, knitting the next stitch on the needle normally and then inserting your left needle into the slipped stitch and passing it over the knitted stitch (skpo)

You can watch the video of it here - just scroll down to SKP

It may look as if you have 2 decreases in that one line but you offset it with the yarn forward (yarn over) which adds one stitch.

zkiMom, I can’t thank you enough. Really,… I’m off and running now. I am
so happy. Thanks for your expertise, and your time you put into replying to
my predicament.
I wasn’t using the yarn over as a stitch before, because i was turning back the
yarn to knit the stitch (following the slipped stitch). oopsy! Thanks for setting
me on the right path.
Happy knitting!
-knittable :slight_smile: