Stuck On Circulars

[b][color=red]I am making my first baby blanket with Bernat Satin … using 6.5 mm (10.5) 29 inch circulars … I have cast on 140 stitches … I’m not concerned about size or guage so I’m just running with it … if it’s too big it will fit the child’s single bed … baby is due in March (our first grandbaby … a boy) …

Where do I go from here? I find the circulars daunting but am trying to ignore the string in the middle … I’m doing a seed stitch k p k p … p k p k … I put a stitch marker on the end … so do I just keep knitting and turning my work after I’ve done 130 stitches? Do I push the stitches on the other end down so I have a bare needle to work with?


To start, make sure that the stitch that has the working yarn is closest to the needle tip held in your LEFT hand. Use the needle tip in your right hand to start working stitches until you reach the end of the row. Turn your work around so that again the working yarn is on the stitch closest to the tip of the left needle and continue. You’ll get the hang of it soon!!


And yes, push the stitches away from the ends so you have room to make new ones. Don’t worry about keeping the first and last stitches separated. As long as you turn your work when you get to the end of the row you’ll be fine. It’ll get easier to see after you have a couple inches done.