Stuck on bunny shoulders

I’m working on a bunny for my sisters little boy but just cannot figure out how to do the shoulders.

I have the 2 sides of the body on 2 separate round needles with 20 sts on each. The pattern says to: K6, [k2tog] 2 times, [ssk] 2 times, k12, [k2tog] 2 times, [ssk] 2 times k6-32 sts; 16 sts on each needle

I’m not sure if I am supposed to just continue onto the other side when I run out of sts on one needle or if I’m supposed to flip it around and continue I’m just so confused right now. I would really appreciate some help and advice for this thank you :knitting:

You would have to work all 40 stitches (20 on each needle) to end up with 32 (16 on each needle) based on these directions (8 sts decreased).

My question is if each needle has its own working yarn. If so, do they want you to continue using the seperate yarns balls, or are you to work all the way across the 40 stitches with one ball of yarn )thus joining them), but keep each set of stitches on its own needle (like using dpns).

:smiley: you where right I tried it and got the correct amount of sts thank you so much.

Both needles are using the same yarn thank goodness that would have just confuzled me even more