Stuck on a tea cosy

I’m trying to knit a tea cosy. The pattern says to keep the wool always on the wrong side but I cannot figure out how to do this with knit stitches only (there’s no purl). I’ve messed about and see how it is done when you alternate rows of knit and purl, but am baffled by the knit only.
All advice on line seems to bring me to fair isle knitting which is no help. And I’ve tried looking at different patterns but they all just say keep the wool to the front/on the wrong side so I am clearly missing something really basic.
Please help!

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It may be that the cozy is knit in the round. For stockinette in the round, you just need to knit.
What is the pattern you’re using? Can you give us a link to it or tell us a pattern name?

I’ve got as far as introducing my second colour and completing the row. Am stuck stuck on part four,carry the wool at the front.

I’ve read the next part and am wondering if the twist the yarn bit is involved ?

Thanks for getting back to me!

Also - I’m a complete novice knitter, so please explain in simple terms :slight_smile:

OK, it’s knit on straight needles not in the round.
On this side (the wrong side) you do want to carry the yarn across on the side facing you (this is called the front because it’s facing you). Knit the first 3sts with A, bring A to the front between the needles, pick up B, bring B to the back between the needles and knit 6sts. Bring B to the front, drop it and pick up A again, bringing it to the back to knit.
Yes, you’ll need to cross or twist the yarns when you switch colors so that the areas of color are joined and not separate strips.

Ah I SEE !
Brilliant thank you very much!