Stuck on a shawl

Please can someone help. I’m not an amazing knitter but having a go. I have completed the setup chart and starting line 13. I have 45 stitches but I can’t get the pattern to fit. Do I do the first bit then repeat the bit in grey, then do the last unshaded bit? Like I say the number of stitches don’t match. How does it then work for line 15?

Hi and welcome!
Yes, the idea is to knit the first section of the chart, then the repeat, then the last section. The grey section will occur once when you start the chart but that section will repeat as your stits increase. The body chart is only showing half of the shawl.
Work 3 border sts, the right section of the chat (3sts) the grey portion (12sts), the left section of the chart (4sts), one center st, then repeat for the other half of the shawl. For one repeat of the grey section that adds up to 45sts. (3+3+12+4)x2 +1=45

Hi and what a nice welcome. Thank you so much for your help. I’m now on it! I’m sure I will be back when I get stuck on the next bit! :blush:

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Do come back. It’s such a stunning shawl. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

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