Stuck on a pattern

hi i am a novice knitter and am attempting to knit a teddy the pattern is relatively easy but i am stuck on a certain part the pattern cast on 10 , knit 36 rows, make anther leg in this way, knit across all 20 stitches and work 16 rows, change to jumper colour knit 22 rows , change to main colour and change to stocking stitch for approx 44 rows, change to jumper colour continue remainder in reverse. my question is this once i have done the work 16 rows part how do i reverse to do the legs pattern does not say

Welcome to Knitting Help!
To do the legs, you’ll have 20 sts on the needle. Knit across 10sts, turn as you would at the end of a row and knit back on those same 10 sts. Leave the other unworked sts for now. Finish knitting the length you need for the leg by continuing to knit back and forth on the same 10sts and then bind off. Now take a new end of yarn and start knitting the sts that were left on the needle back when you started the legs. Knit those 10 to the required length and bind off.

thankyou so much was really stuck as to how to do that :happydance: