Stuck on a pattern

Hi guys, any help with this would be really gratefully appreciated!

I’m knitting these striped boots (in the 6 month size) for a friend but, being something of a beginner, I’ve become a little stuck!

I should mention that I am knitting the Leg and Instep sections all in one colour (and therefore so far one yarn), which may be why I can’t continue but as far as I can see, it shouldn’t be a problem…

I’ve gotten to the end of the Leg section where it says “Slip next 10 (11, 12, 13) st.” I can do that, and I can attach a new yarn so as to leave the old yarn behind for the Edge section, but then I don’t know how to begin the Instep section because both yarns will still be at the back of the work behind the slipped stitches.

Is there a way to slip the stitches and continue moving the yarn along with them or would there be a yarn at the front of the boot if I had been switching colours when instructed? I can’t work out why there would be. Or am I just totally missing something??

Like I say, I’m a little stumped!

Here’s the pattern:

You can work the stitches first, then slip them onto a holder and the yarn will be at the new section. Sometimes though, they intend for you to cut the yarn (leaving a tail to weave in) and do the next bit with the new end.

Unless I’m misreading it, the pattern says not to work them. This is the section that I’m at:

K1 round, P1 round in contrast color
K1 round, P1 round in main color
Repeat pattern 3 (3,3,4) times. 30 (30,32,36) total rows.
For size 6mo. K1 round, P1 round in contrast color. 32 rows total
Leave yarn at back of work. You will pick up here later.
[B]Slip next 10 (11,12,13) st. onto spare needle. Do not K these st.[/B]

[B]On RS K next 10(11,12, 13) st. in color that continues pattern.[/B]
(color may differ depending on which size you are making)
Turn. On WS K 10 (11,12,13) st. in same color.
Change color.
Repeat pattern until 18 (20,22,24) rows are completed.

I’m afraid I don’t really know what you mean by “the new end”. Do you mean I could start the Instep with a new yarn that hasn’t been attached to the garment (i.e. that won’t be connected to the old yarn)? If that’s the case, then I don’t really know why it says to slip any stitches since those 12 stitches that it says to slip are already on their own needle, I could just skip over them.

Okay, it specifically says to leave your yarn where it is before you slip the sts on to a holder because you’ll probably use it over there later. So yes you can use yarn from another skein or the other end of the one you’ve been working with to go on to the next part which would be knitting the sts on the other side of the held ones. You can’t just use the same yarn because it’ll be used later and would leave a strand along those sts that are on the holder. You put the sts onto another needle or holder because you need the needle they were on to work the next set of stitches.

Okay I think I’ve got it. I was worried that just putting in a new yarn without it being next to the old one (in order to attach them together) would result in unravelling, but I’ve looked up a way to do that and it seems to be working. Thanks for your help!

The new yarn doesn’t need to be attached in any way. When you leave a tail long enough to weave in later, it keeps the sts from coming undone. They first few may be a little loose until you knit more rows, but you can pull on the tail to snug them up.