Stuck on a pattern !

Hi, it’s my first time knitting an item of clothing and I’m currently stuck on a section of the pattern.
I’ve attached a photo of the part of the pattern that I’m stuck on (highlighted in yellow). I’m just really not understanding what it’s asking me to do. I don’t understand which rows I’m supposed to do to get 4sts?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Congrats on venturing into knitting sweaters!
In this part of the pattern you’ll be working on one of the front shoulders. Work row one under All sizes, decreasing as given in the pattern. Turn after the neck edge decrease so that you’re working back across the sts you just knit and purl them (14sts). You can slip the unworked sts for the center neck and right shoulder to a holder or leave them on the needle and ignore them.

There are then a series of decreases at the neck edge and at the raglan armhole edge. Dec at the neck edge on every other row. If you call the next row, the knit row, row 1, you’ll dec at the neck edge on rows 1,3,5,7 and 9. Dec at the raglan edge on the same rows, 1,3,5.7 and 9. You’ll have 4 sts remaining.

Follow the decreases for the next 4 rows. Fasten off means to cut the yarn and pull the yarn end through the last stitch.

See if that helps and we can go over the directions for the center neck and the right shoulder.

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@salmonmac Thank you so much for all your information! I understand the first two rows to get to 14 sts. Then do I just do this:

  1. k2tog, knit 10, k2tog
  2. purl row
  3. k2tog, knit 8, k2tog
  4. purl row
  5. k2tog, knit 6, k2tog
  6. purl row
  7. k2tog, knit 4, k2tog
  8. purl row
  9. k2tog, knit 2, k2tog

Will this be correct to give me the 4sts? And then I’d do the:

  • Purl row
  • Ssk, k2tog
  • P2
  • K2tog, fasten off.

I’m sorry if this is wrong. I’ve never done anything bigger than a hat or scarf before. Thank you again for all your help, I really appreciate it!

You’ve got it. You’ll get to 4sts as you’ve written out and then decrease to a single stitch just as you wrote.
Working the other shoulder is quite similar but if you want to check on that before you work it, just come back. Enjoy!

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One alternative way to work this is to maintain the k2 at the raglan armhole edge. In that case you would:

  1. k2, ssk, knit 8, k2tog
  2. purl row
  3. k2, ssk, knit 6, k2tog
  4. purl row
  5. k2, ssk, knit 4, k2tog
  6. purl row
  7. k2, ssk, knit 2, k2tog
  8. purl row
  9. k2, ssk, k2tog

This continues the raglan spacing until you get to 4sts. After that it’s as you posted. The use of ssk and k2tog is nice because it gives you decreases that slant in opposite directions (ssk to the left , k2tog to the right /) but if you’ve used k2tog throughout, that’s ok too. The designer Sally Melville says that she never pays attention to the direction of decreases so you would be in good company.

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Thank you so much, you’ve honestly been so much help! I hadn’t had chance to begin the section yet, so I’ll try it the way you mentioned now, and give it a go. :grinning:

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