Stuck on a pattern!


Hi all, I am stuck on one row of my knitting pattern… it is…
K2 (M1 in the next st,K3) to the last st, K1.
I will be going from 27 stitches to 33…
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome!
M1 in the next stitch means an increase like a knit front and back (kfb) that works in a stitch rather than between sts. It’s shown in a video under Free Videos at the top of this page, Increases.
For the row, knit 2 sts then repeat the directions in parentheses across the row to the last stitch.
That becomes M1, k3, M1, k3, M1, k3 and so on.
Knit the last stitch.


Thank you!


That’s what I thought too, but she will end up with more than 33 sts.



The pattern is to increase 6 sts starting with 27 and going to 33. The repeat takes 4sts: one to increase into and a k3.
Here’s the way I look at it: 27-3 (the initial k2 and final k1) leaves 24sts. 24 divided by 4 is 6 so the repeat occurs 6 times. That accounts for the 6 increase sts.