Stuck on a pattern!

Hi guys! I’m new here. I was looking for some help with a pattern I’m working on as a gift for a friend. I’ve completed all but the head and the pattern just doesn’t seem to work out. I’ve done the 8 rows then where it says work four rows in pattern I’m running into problems. Can anyone please help?!

What problem exactly?

“Work 4 rows in pattern” would mean to go back starting at row 3 and work rows 3-6.
“Work 5 rows” would be rows 7-8, then back to rows 3-5.
“Work 7 rows” would be rows 6-8, then back to 3-6.

Hi, thanks for yoir reply. Yes I did this however the first P1 on the 3rd row didn’t seem to work out. I went on doing P2 instead and that has worked perfectly.