Stuck on a pattern

I am currently working on this pattern

My issue is with the back piece shoulders, specifically this bit “Now cast off 6-8-9 (10-12) sts towards neck”. When I cast off the 6 stitches it leaves me with a little square corner jutting out into the arm hole. I have asked a friend and she thought perhaps the pattern was translated badly and to try casting off at the neckline but this leaves me with the same problem on the neckline. I can’t picture how the pattern all fits together at this point.

What do I do with these 6 cast off stitches and where should they be?


That looks correct to me. I’m assuming it’s the underarm area correct? That bit you cast off will go under the arm. If you look at the diagram you can see how it bumps out a bit there. The ribbing on the edge will make the cast off edge blend in.

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If I’ve got the right place, it’s the top of the shoulder but what Jan says still applies. The cast off is at the armhole edge. I’d cast off the 6sts, work across to the neck edge, turn, cast off one stitch, and work across the row to the end. Then turn and cast off the remaining 6sts. That’s enough shaping for an infant vest.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll keep going and see how it turns out. The cast off stitches are quite high up on the shoulder. There was a bit of a gap between the cast off stitches and the neckline though, will that close up when I complete the armbands?

I’ve added a photo for clarity

Here’s the pattern link on Ravelry. You can see what others have done. I looked at some in progress, but none seem to look like they have a bind off of 6…

ETA: I did find someone who mentions this bind off and it looks like you may have it on the wrong part of the sweater. I could be wrong, but read the notes here -

Thanks, Jan. The Ravelry link is a good idea.
Hi Jud, the photo helps out quite a bit.
After you bound off the 6sts at the armhole edge, then the one stitch at the neck edge, why does the knitting continue and then seem to have a cast on of stitches (creating the notch at the armhole)?
It should look like the diagram at the end of the pattern. The armhole goes straight up, then the shoulders take a right turn with the bind off.
_____ ____ neck

The pattern says to cast off when it reaches 28cm but when I cast of the 6 stitches I’m only at 26cm so I continued for another 2cm.

OK, then cast off the remaining 6sts. That’ll give you a stepped shoulder but it shouldn’t be a notch. More of a slope when you seam the front and back shoulders.

I’ve just had a light bulb moment! It might help, maybe… The little gap between the 6 cast off stitches and the neckband doesn’t actually exist! Because the armbands aren’t on it isn’t sitting properly. The neckband should be sitting more upright and the stitching underneath it is actually the shoulder (I think). Does that help anyone picture it better?

I think I may have done the neckband wrong too, comparing mine to the picture on Ravelry.

How can I make it more sloped? Am I casting off in the wrong place?

Sorry for the multiple posts but could it be I’m meant to cast of the 6 stitches along the neck line on different rows rather than all at once? The pattern has been translated from Norwegian so maybe it has been translated with an error?

That looks good to me. The neck seems sloped enough and so do the shoulders. Yes, Drops patterns are translations but the intent of the shoulder shaping seems to fit with other children’s patterns.
If you think the neck isn’t big enough, you could knit a bit more before casting off for the shoulders. How does the neck opening look to you?
Your knitting looks very pretty, too.
Multiple posts aren’t a problem.

ETA: Well, I’ve looked many of the projects on Ravelry and you’re probably right about doing the bind off at the neck edge (near the button opening). It looks to be one bind off of 6sts however. That seems to be what the project Jan linked to wound up doing. Sorry for my confusion!

That last photo is stolen from Ravelry, I should have said that.

My neck is going to be a bit more squared like in the second link that Jan posted. I’m sure I can work something out that will fit but I don’t like not understanding properly, it’s really frustrating me. I use the Drops patterns a lot and I’ve never had an issue with a pattern like this before.

I messaged Drops for clarification and they send me this “on shoulder you cast off the first 6 sts towards neckline (= from WS on right shoulder - when workn), work to the end of row, work 1 more row and at beg of next row from WS, cast off 1st st, work to the end of row = 6 sts remain, work to 28 cm and cast off. On left shoulder cast off the sts at beg of rom from RS (when worn). When picking up sts for button edge, start at the top of neckline (right edge) where you cast off the 6 sts andn pick up sts to the bottom of split. For the left button edge, pick up sts from bottom of split to the 6 sts cast off for neckline. Happy knitting!”

Will give that a go and hopefully I’ll get this completed before baby arrives (I have 4 weeks-ish!).

Oh and thanks for all your help :smile: it has been really good to “talk” it out

Good to get the word from Drops. Thank you for your patience. It’s helped me too to talk it out.

We don’t know the answers to everything either and it’s good for us to talk it out. We learn, too! :wink: Hope Drops gave you the answer you need!

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I finally finished it! I’m so pleased.

Well done! It looks wonderful and will be even better on the lucky baby

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That is super cute! :heart_eyes:

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