Stuck on a knitting pattern

hi there!
Hope you are well.

Could you possibly break down the highlighted part of this pattern for me it is very confusing and some help would be much appriciated!
(especially the end bit)

You mean the white lines. :smile: and not the orange tic’d ones, yes? If so, let’s assume you’re working the smallest size. The first part says to continue working as you did in the prev 2 rows for 3 more rows. So you’ll work a RS, WS, and RS row. Next you’re going to work the decreases only on the next 5 RS rows (skipping the decreases on the WS rows). So at this point you should have 67 st left on your needle.

Thankyou so much! so helpful

and yes it was the white lines sorry really not clear!

when you said ‘so youll work a RS, WS and RS row’ do you have to decrease on those rows