Stuck on a baby blanket

I am fairly new to knitting with only having completed scarfs some time ago.

Thought I would give myself a challenge and try to complete a baby blanket but now am completely stuck on the first few directions!

The pattern calls for the following:

1st Row: K2 and turn
2nd row: P2
They are fine. Here is where I am getting stuck…
3rd row: Inc in first stitch, Sl 1, K1, psso and turn
4th row: P3

Okay so this might be totally simple but once I complete instructions for the 3rd row, I only have one stitch to work with on my turned needle so how can I P3? I’m so confused.


What is the name of your pattern??


Does your pattern have some notes which explain abbreviations? Sometimes at the beginning or end of the pattern there are some special instructions or notes to read. I’m just wondering if the “inc in first stitch” has a note as perhaps this adds more than one stitch here. (It may say for instance that inc means kfbf which creates 3 stitches from 1)
If you have only 1 stitch remaining after row 3 it sounds like you have not increased before the decrease of s1, k1 psso.

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@Creations, that is correct.

The second issue is that even with a single increase in row 3 you end with 2 sts.
“Row 4: P3” is not possible with the instructions as written.

@Ts88, What are you Making?

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Yes I agree. That’s why I thought there might be some notes with the pattern to explain which increase to use. A KFBF would add 2 stitches, then 1 is decreased with the s1 k1 passo, and that would leave 3 for row 3 but its purely speculative. The pattern doesn’t work as it stands.