Stuck need pattern help


i have been working on a baby coat in a nice moss land lace pattern
but i am stuck i have just worked a long piece in a ten row pattern and then it tells me

shape armholes by casting off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows then k,2 tog at each end of next and every alternate row until 55 sts remain. (started with 73)

work straight until back mesures 9ins.

Ok so do i keep doing my 10 row pattern but add in the above to it, but then the pattern i have been working wth does not make sense, If i go to start the knitting 2, tog well thats the 3rd line of my ten row pattern and i should be doing moss 3, k3, yrn fwd, k2 tog,k2, moss 2, k1,

but how can i do this with sts missing!!!

hope some of this makes sense and somebody can help

The rows after the cast off, you would have to start the stitch pattern on the next row on the 5th st. Then the dec rows do the k2tog and make the next st in pattern. If your moss stitch is k1 p1, you would continue to knit the knit sts and purl the purls on the row you’re working.

Which moss st pattern is it? Do you k1 p1 on one row and p1 k1 on the next, or k1 p1 for 2 rows, then switch to p1 k1?

Could help better if we knew the full 10 row repeat and what row of the repeat you are on when you begin the cast offs.


the ten row pattern is
1st; moss 3, k7, moss 2, rep to last st k1

2nd: moss 3, p7, moss 2, rep to last st k1

3rd: moss 3, k3, yrn fwd, k2 tog,k2, moss 2, rep to last st k1,
4th; REP second

5th; moss 3, k1, k 2 tog, yrn fwd, k1, yrn fwd, k2 tog through bak of loops, k1, moss 2 rep to last st k1

6th: rep 2

7th: moss 3 k2, k 2 tog, yrn fwd, k3 rep to last st k1


i am still kind lost

can anybody help ?

How is the moss stitch defined - is it a 2 row pattern or a 4 row pattern? In the US, moss st is also called seed st and is k1 p1 then on the next row you knit the purls and purl the knits. In a UK pattern moss stitch is k1 p1 for 2 rows, then p1 k1 for two rows. So which one are you doing?

hi its the 2 row pattern

k1 p1
so then i purl my knits and knits my purls
its the two row pattern

do i scrap the 10 row pattern

and just continue on my stiches of k an p just follow them
and the moss st were i can

and leave out the lace pattern so i wont make the lace pattern
this is for the back of the cardigan.

i am really lost and have no idea how to proced

Oh no, continue the 10 rows as written. As I say when you BO 4 sts at the next 2 rows, you begin the pattern on the 5th st of whichever row your 10 row pattern you’re on. Actually the 5th st is knit from the BO, so begin on stitch 6, then follow it across. Next row BO 4 and you have the 5th st on the R needle from the BO, so knit the 6th st from the next row.

On the row after that dec a stitch from the edge, then the next st would be the 7th stitch in the pattern row; dec the last 2 sts. The WS row you begin with the 6th st. Next RS row, dec, start with 8th st in that row, work to the last 2 sts and dec. And so on. Basically for the sts that are in moss st continue knitting the purls and purling the knits and keep the plain knit and purl sts in the same pattern.,

thank u so much for help

i think i have it :knitting:

just wanted to ask wat ur abbreviations
WS row and RW row meant

RS= right side
WS=wrong side

Most likely WS is wrong side, and RS is the right side.
Right side is the side you would want to see, and wrong side is the hidden side.

it can be hard for you to follow patterns (or charts) when stitches disapear in the shaping.

If it gets really confusing, write out the line (completely) then go and cross the missing stitches off the front and back of the row and follow what you have left.

It gets easier with a repeating pattern part that is easily visible.

Can you “read your knitting”? Some knitters can, some never really will but most learn eventually… if so you can just follow the look and not the instruction :wink:

I just do a lace jacket and after 2 repeats I have not cast another look at the pattern but look at my stitches only. Then knitting lace becomes real quick, I can assure you (not all patterns are good for this.)

if you can read what your previous rows are like: just do what belongs above it (your rows of moss stitch continue up, don’t they? so that is good orientation…) then you know where you are.