Stuck joing a new ball of wool to project

Help! need to start a new ball of wool and can’t figure out how to join the new wool. can’t continue my scarf until i figure this one out.


Amy has a great video on this page that shows how to join wool yarn

One simple thing you can do is when you begin the new ball to knit one stitch with both the old and new balls, leaving a tail of each to be worked in later. This works just about anywhere and if the stitch isn’t some sort of lacy thing.

I do the same thing Merigold does. Sometimes i knit with both strands for three or four stitches. You just have to remember on the next row and knit the two stitches as one. It holds really well.

If it’s wool I do a felted join (it’s so easy and there is a video here)

If it’s not feltable the Russian join is really nice.

I do this for 3 stitches also, unless I’m using wool. Then I use the felted join.

Another option is a neat trick I believe I saw Annie Modesitt demonstrate on Knitty Gritty. She worked the first stitch in the row after cast on with the working yarn, then worked the next stitch with the tail yarn, 3rd stitch with the working yarn, 4th with the tail and so on to lock it in. I suppose you could continue alternating as long as you wanted to use up the entire tail and not have to weave anything in!

I actually just started a sock where I knit the entire second row with the tail because I miscalculated and left way too long of a tail and I didn’t want to waste the yarn.

I’ve done that to the tale before too. It does work really well.