Stuck half fingerless gloves


Hoping someone can help me, I’ve about half way through my first ever half fingerless glove, and I’ve got stuck at the 1st finger. I don’t understand what the instructions mean

end of thumb instructions are: *K1, P1, rep from * to end. Rep last row once. Cast off loosely in rib. [COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’ve done up to this part.[/COLOR]. With right side facing COLOR=“darkorchid”, [/COLOR]join yarn to rem sts and knit up 3 sts from cast on sts at base of thumb [COLOR=“darkorchid”](don’t understand??[/COLOR]), knit to end.

Can anyone offer another way explain how to continue after the thumb is done?


:happydance:Hi and welcome to KH…can you link to the pattern? It may help us to understand better. Have you finished the body of the glove and now going back to work the thumb? If so did the thumb call for you to CO sts, I’m thinking they want you to pick up the sts where you CO along with your live sts…to form the thumb

Hi, thanks for the welcome and reply!

I’ve scanned and attached the pattern I’m working from, can you see it ok?

I’m up to ‘Beg thumb’.

I’ve only knitted the wrist and half palm and thumb…then I’m surposed to start on the fingers.

Yes for thumb i needed to CO 3 stiches, i was having trouble visulising what i need to do ie what parts and i’m trying to join together, but i think i can picture it now - if I pick up the CO sts.

I’ll give that a go!


No the scan didn’t show up and it’s not legal to post a scan from a pattern. Posting a few rows is okay to do though.