Stuck for ideas

Help please, I am a new member of this forum and I need help. I have been given some nylon craft ribbon called CRAFTLON made in Australia but I cannot seem to find any knitting or crochet patterns to use it. I would like to make a few items to sell in aid of charity at a local car boot sale

Welcome, sweetiepops, Haven’t heard any boot or bonnet talk for awhile. I’m not aware of the yarn you bought, however, if you check out this site you might find some free knit and crochet patterns for a kind of ribbon yarn called ‘Incredible’. Just look at and go to their yarns. At the bottom of the page they always note free patterns for each of their yarns. If this ribbon yarn is like yours you might find something suitable. I have no experience with this yarn and don’t know of any other, however, the patterns may be of interest to you and adaptable to your yarn. Others on this site may know more possibilities. Good luck. Jean

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You need to be careful what you make if you want to sell it. Many designers forbid the making of a profit on their patterns. Here’s a few sites that allow you to create and sell from their patterns.

If I find specific ideas I’ll be back and post those, too.

Thanks but its not exactly a yarn, more a thin nylon thread about   1" width, the picture on the front shows a coat hanger cover, I have tried many of the on line free pattern sites but no luck so far