Stuck and dont want to guess the answer

Working on a shawl and the pattern part of the lace says
LK3m3 insert needle thru 3 stittches from left, like standard knit but dont take off needle YO and knit another stitch, my question is
which do I knit the one next to the 3 on the needle or back into the 3 on the needle? Since it is beginning of pattern I cant make out the look yet to know which is correct and I am trying to save myself ripping apart. Can anyone help?
Of course there is a Rk3m3 and would be the same question for me.

What does this part of the pattern look like in the picture? That can help you figure it out.

You first knit the 3rd st on the needle, yo and knit into the one closest to the tip.

The yo after I have the 3 knitted together but still on the needle is ackward, then if I pick up the next stitch to knit it I have to go around all the stitches and it comes off looking weird and nothing like the stitch is suppose to , the stitch should look like a snowflake kinda, like a cross with an x through it. I hate when I buy a pattern and then am left for hours unable to move forward. I am all progress and finishing, this limbo stage drives me crazy

Is it k3 tog? Maybe it’s k3tog, leave them on the needle, yo then k3tog into the same stitches. I’ve seen that stitch in patterns a lot.

The instructions say (LK3m3) insert needle thru 3 stittches from left, like standard knit but dont take off needle YO and knit another stitch
If I knit 3 together then leave on needle then yo and knit the next stitch where is the m3? Also yo and knitting the next stitch is very weird and kinda hard to knit that one going all around these to take off. if comes off looking like a mess with no pattern in it, then when you get to the center going to the left you Rk3m3 and you go through the back loops and it still looks weird and not like the other side at all. I wrote the designer but still waiting for help.

You [I]only[/I] work with the next 3sts on the left needle for this pattern stitch.
K3tog but don’t take the sts off the left needle, bring the yarn to the front between the needles and over the right needle and then knit again into the [I]same[/I] 3sts and slip them off the left needle. You’ve made 3sts out of 3sts. The RK3m mirrors this by you’re working through the back loop.

That is correct, thank you very much. I kept picking up the next stitch beside it.