Stuck again ... please help?

OK, I am stuck again on the following pattern. I have a feeling that this is a simple knitting method and will feel really dumb after asking this … but here goes… knitting kitty slippers for my daughter and it states to “cast on 9 sts, knit these sts. P1. knit to last st P1. turn. cast on 9 sts”. this comes after 9 or 10 rows of plain knitting and increasing. Would I just do the backwards loop for this? And is there a video, I know I’ve seen something like this before but cannot remember where I’ve seen this.

I’ve heard others using that one, but have heard that it’s hard to work for some, I always use cable cast on or you can also use knitted cast on… both are under that cast on section…

I always use the knitted cast on in cases like this. Knit into the last stitch on the left needle and then instead of slipping that stitch off and onto the right needle, slip the stitch you have just made back onto the left needle, snug it up a bit and repeat until you have nine more stitches on your needle.

Good luck!