stuck after picking up dropped stitch (beginner)

i’m working on a 2x2 ribbed scarf right now (my second ever project!) and i’ve gotten stuck after noticing a dropped stitch in the middle of a row.
i undid the row until i got to it, picked it back up with a crochet hook and thought that was it - but now it looks a bit off and i can’t seem to continue from here (can’t exactly explain it… i try a purl stitch, but the yarn ends up below the stitch, so i can’t bring it to the front and make the next knit stitch.) does this look familiar to anyone? do you know how i can fix this, or if this problem has a specific name i can look up? THANK YOU!



Welcome to KH!
I can’t see where the working yarn is in the photos.
Make sure that the working yarn strand is coming off the right hand needle. Whatever stitch it is attached to is the last stitch that was worked. Any other stitch which is unworked belongs on the left hand needle.
If you set the row up like this you should be able to see if the next stitch on the left hand needle is a knit or a purl stitch.


thank you for the help! the problem was a lot sillier than i thought, this really simplified the matter and got me out of panic mode :slight_smile: