Sts get twisted when switching from circ to dpns

…and i’m not sure why. i have tried slipping the sts pwise on to the dpns, they twisted. then i tried knitting them on, they still twisted. Any ideas what i might have done wrong, or what is the proper way to do this? Im switching from circs to dpns for hats…looottts of hats!

I usually use two circs at this point in a project, but have you tried picking up the stitches from the back end of the circular needle? Start with the last stitch and work your way up to the st with the working yarn?

Uhm, I’m not sure that I understand what you mean. I start with the beginning of the round, as if I were starting a new round.

I wish I could use two circs, but I don’t have two of the same size.

What I mean is, and I have no idea if this is of any use at all :rollseyes:, is to slip your stitches from the ‘other’ end of the circ to the dpn, purlwise, so that the last stitch being transferred is the stitch with the working yarn on it. Maybe it will make a difference since the other ways twist them.